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Creating a Warm Environment for Dogs

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Welcome to Bells and Whistles. I am a fully qualified dog groomer in Aylesford near Maidstone who offers a wide range of grooming services, from full grooms for large dogs to hand stripping and everything in between. My passion is to create a friendly environment in which owners can have peace of mind that their dog is being looked after.

Grooming should happen in a homely, welcoming setting – especially for dogs receiving their first grooming – and my home studio provides exactly that. Ensuring that your dog is comfortable will always be my top priority.




Our Services


Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles. Full dog groom.

Full Groom

A comprehensive grooming service for dogs of all sizes! My full groom treatment includes a hydro-massage bath with specialised products to suit your dog, along with blow dry, full body brushing, ear cleansing and much more.

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Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles. Bath and blow dry.

Bath & Blow Dry

Has your dog been rolling around in mud and other nasty substances? It may well be time for a good wash then! At Bells and Whistles, I use first-class dog products to give your lovely pet a bath and blow dry that leaves them looking sparklingly clean.

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Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles. Hand stripping husky coat.

Hand Stripping

Many dog coats benefit more from hand stripping as opposed to clipping. I make sure that your dog feels comfortable at all times and leave them with a tidy and healthy coat. Many owners prefer hand stripping due to how it supports the natural process of shedding and growth.

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Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles. Dog nail clipping.

Nail Clipping

Regular nail clipping is extremely important for your dog’s wellbeing. Overgrown nails can impact on walking ability and, in some cases, can cause issues with bone growth. So, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a dog groomer in Maidstone who provides stress-free, perfectly done nail clippings.

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Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles. Teeth cleaning dog's teeth.

Teeth Cleaning

We can work together to come up with a dental plan that works for your dog. A periodic teeth cleaning service will not just deal with your dog’s smelly breath – it also has an important antibacterial effect, improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

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Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles. Puppy grooming service.

Puppy Groom

Taking your puppy to be groomed for the first time can sometimes be stressful. In my homely, welcoming environment, I make sure that your little dog is always comfortable and receives the best possible start to its grooming life!

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Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles. Custom treatments pomeranian.

Custom Treatments

Your dog may require something specific, such as de-shedding or skin treatment. If this is the case, just let me know and I will come up with a treatment that meets the exact needs of your dog. My focus is always on giving your dog the precise grooming it requires.

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Once your dog has had its groom, I send them home with a complimentary bow tie, bandana or flower attached to their collar to finish off the look!

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Why Choose Bells and Whistles?



I do everything with a smile! My dog grooming service is all about making you and your dog happy, so I take care to offer the most welcoming, friendly environment possible. No stress, no nasty surprises – just a nice homely place in which to give your dog the care it needs.


Bells and Whistles is not a major dog grooming corporation with multiple staff members. And as such, my service charge is not ramped up by numerous overhead costs. With me, you receive the same level of professional detail in a friendlier environment – and for a much cheaper price!

  Personal Touch

My service is always adapted to suit the needs of your dog. I build relationships over time with clients, getting to know their dog’s likes and dislikes and adapt my grooming accordingly. My way of working has always taken into account the fact that every dog has different requirements.





Our Dog Products

From shampoos to mud masks, I offer a range of first-class dog products that are fully safe and improve the health of your dog’s coat and skin.

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  • Cologne
  • Balms




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Looking for an approachable dog groomer in Aylesford near Maidstone who does their job with a smile? If so, get in touch with Bells and Whistles.

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