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I am a fully insured dog groomer in Aylesford near Maidstone offering a broad range of affordable grooming services to help keep your dog happy and healthy. Whether you have a large dog requiring a full groom or a puppy in need of teeth cleaning, I will provide the exact treatment they need – and always with a smile! My home studio offers clients a chance to bring their dogs into a peaceful, welcoming environment. I always take extreme care to put your dog’s comfort before anything else.




Full dog groom. Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles.

Full Groom

Perfect for when you want your dog to look and feel their best. This service is adapted to suit dogs of all sizes and includes an array of different specialist treatments, with particular products selected to meet your dog’s specific needs. I provide a basic health check, bath and blow dry, shampoo treatment, full body massage and/or brush, ear cleansing, paw and nail trim, along with de-shedding and clipping, finishing off with paw conditioning balm. Show your dog some love by giving them a truly nourishing and relaxing experience.

Price: £30 - £60

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Dog bath and blow dry. Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles.

Bath and Blow Dry

The ideal service if your dog’s coat has become tangled and/or smelly over time. You will be amazed at the difference a bath and blow dry service makes! I use certain selected shampoo products that suit your dog’s coat in order to achieve the best possible result. The shampoo bath is followed by a hand blow dry, along with a thorough brush that removes all of your dog’s dead hair, leaving their coat in pristine condition.

Price: £20 - £40

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Dog coat hand stripping. Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles.

Hand Stripping

Certain dog breeds, such as those with wiry coats, are best suited to hand stripping as opposed to trimming. This is because hand stripping is a hair removal treatment that maintains the texture, colour and sheen of the coat. Breeds like border terriers need hand stripping at least twice a year to maintain a healthy coat – especially in warmer months. Many salons don’t offer hand stripping due to its time-consuming nature, but I always take care to supply an extremely thorough service.

Price: From £50

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Canine nail clipping. Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles.

Nail Clipping

Keeping your dog’s nails in good condition is extremely important for maintaining their overall health. Long nails can lead to a change in the natural alignment of a dog’s foot and leg, potentially causing further issues. Addressing this issue before it becomes a source of pain and discomfort for your dog is key; we can set up periodic treatments to ensure your dog’s nails remain looked after throughout the year.

Price: From £7.50

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Dog teeth clean service. Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles.

Teeth Cleaning

Make sure your dog has a regular oral hygiene routine by visiting a friendly professional dog groomer in Maidstone for periodic dental treatment sessions. My approach cleans your dog’s teeth and gums with minimal movement, vibration and noise, ensuring that any build-up of plaque is swiftly dealt with. Having frequent check ups with me, guarantees that mouth odour is kept in check and saves you from costly treatment at the vet further down the line.

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Puppy grooming service. Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles.

Puppy Groom

I recommend taking your puppy to a dog groomer in Aylesford, Maidstone at a reasonably early stage. Doing this helps your young dog grow accustomed to the rhythm of regular check-ups, along with safeguarding against future health complications. Grooming can be stressful for a young dog; that is why I have always placed emphasis on creating the ideal environment for your puppy to overcome any anxieties and feel comfortable when receiving treatment.

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Custom dog groom treatments. Dog groomer in Maidstone & Aylesbury - Bells & Whistles.

Custom Treatments

If you don’t see the exact service your dog requires in the above list, get in touch with me to arrange some customised treatment. You could, for instance, want to give your dog some crucial vitamins through a mud mask, or perhaps a deep-cleansing foot soak that fights damaging bacteria and soothes the paws. Whatever your requirements, from face tidying to ear cleaning, just let me know and I will arrange a treatment that perfectly satisfies the needs of your dog.

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Professional Dog Grooming Service in  Aylesford near Maidstone

Do you need a dog groomer in Aylesford near Maidstone? If so, look no further than Bells and Whistles. I offer bespoke professional grooming at a highly competitive rate, with customers receiving 20% off their first groom.

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