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Are you looking for a dog groomer in Aylesford near Maidstone? If so, get in touch with Bells and Whistles. I am a fully qualified professional groomer who provides full grooms, hand stripping, nail clipping and many other services for dogs of all sizes in a friendly home environment. My main priority is to always ensure that your dog feels completely comfortable in its surroundings and receives the precise treatment it needs.





Baby Fresh Shampoo

One of our most popular shampoos, Baby Fresh has natural deep cleansers with a familiar baby powder scent. It cleans deep without causing skin irritation and also contains Aloe Vera, which soothes your dog’s skin and acts as a natural hair conditioner to promote hair growth and reduce dandruff. Suitable for all breeds and coat types, especially puppies.

Easy Groom Conditioner

Designed to disentangle and leave the coat feeling smooth and silky. Contains a fresh green fougere accord with lemon, bergamot, lavender and green notes sitting on a heart of jasmine, rose and geranium, with a truly woody base of cedar, sandal, amber and musk.

Wahl Showman Copper Tones Shampoo

A perfectly balanced formula that will revitalise, refresh and enhance the natural red and brown pigmentation within your pet’s coat. Contains a sweet and fruity banana accord with supporting notes of banana skin and pineapple on a vanilla base. The shampoo is based on natural ingredients including peach, pear, passion fruit and kiwi. Will also remove dirt, grease, stains and odours effectively. Suitable for all animal hair types; will leave your dog’s coat looking bright, silky and shiny and provide a new veneer of health and vitality. 

Wahl Oatmeal Essence

The perfect shampoo for dogs with very sensitive skin. Contains oat proteins to soothe and reduce skin irritation, as well as natural coconut extract and almond oil to help moisturise and condition hair, helping to ease dryness and inflammation as well. This shampoo removes dirt, grease and odour from the coat. Suitable for all hair types. Offers a soft and natural smelling coconut fragrance with a hint of sweetness. Formulated to be gentle on an animal’s coat. Gently removes dirt, grease and odours, helping to reduce irritation as it cleans.

Wahl Showman Dirty Beastie Shampoo

Professional shampoo for use on dirty, thick or matted coats, leaving the dog’s coat clean, conditioned and manageable. Ideal for extremely thick, smelly, matted coats to thoroughly cleanse and effectively deodorise. Contains natural ingredients, including extracts of peach, pair, passion-flower and kiwi fruit to give a fresh, fruity, long-lasting scent that serves to eliminate all odour. Leaves a very clean, manageable coat that you’ll love. Completely eradicates mud, grease and nasty smells.

Wahl Aloe Soothe Shampoo

Carefully balanced formula developed to support your pet by conditioning their skin; calms any irritation and relieves any skin issues as it cleans. A fresh, herbal floral fragrance with hints of green pine, spearmint and eucalyptus. Based on natural ingredients including avocado and coconut to moisturise the skin, along with wheat germ extract to deodorise the hair. Contains aloe vera gel that will soothe and cool the skin as the shampoo gently removes dirt, grease and stains from your dog’s coat. Also contains beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E and C that work with the aloe to promote healthy, glossy results every time. 

Wahl Showman Deep Black Shampoo

Professional animal shampoo designed to give black coats a new lease of life by boosting the coat’s natural pigmentation. Also works on grey and blue coats as well. Designed for use on any coat length and texture. Effectively removes dirt, grease and staining. A moisturising and conditioning animal shampoo, its formula includes extracts of peach, pear, passion flower and kiwi fruit.

Wahl Showman Diamond White Shampoo

A moisturising and softening animal shampoo designed to enhance white and light coats. Excellent for removing dirt and grease stains. Formula includes extracts of cucumber, passion flower, lemon and lime. Features white enhancers to revitalise and boost the natural pigmentation of the coat for a dazzling finish, leaving the coat with a bright, silky texture and high shine.

Wild Dog Paw Balm

If you require a full groom, nail clipping or paw tidying service from a dog groomer in Aylesford, Maidstone, this luxury paw balm will be used to provide your dog with a smooth and nourishing finish.

Dog Cologne

Give your dog the perfect finishing touch after a groom with a cologne that leaves a sensational smell. Choose from a range of different fragrances, from zesty and fruity to calm and soothing.




Friendly, Relaxed Dog Grooming in Aylesford near Maidstone

I always put your dog’s comfort and health above everything else, making sure that they are relaxed throughout the session. So, if you are looking for a warm and friendly professional dog groomer in Aylesford near Maidstone, get in touch.

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